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July 2, 2024

Building Aotearoa: The Legacy of Master Builders in New Zealand's Construction Industry

New Zealand has a storied construction industry that’s a cornerstone of our country’s economic growth and urban development. Many reputable, widely trusted associations are related to NZ’s construction scene, including the renowned Master Builders.

If you’re searching for reputable, trustworthy builders for an upcoming project, you’re probably interested in learning about what makes these professionals so reliable. Are they a safe choice for your next building project? What else should you consider when picking your builder? Let’s review who these builders are, why they’re a reliable choice and the many other qualities you need to check before you pick your builder.

Who Are NZ Master Builders?

The term ‘Master Builder’ in New Zealand refers to members of the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA). [External Link - Why choose a Master Builder] Established over a century ago, the RMBA aims to promote excellence in the building industry. Members of this association are recognized for their skills, experience and commitment to maintaining high standards in construction.

It’s no small feat to become a registered Master Builder, as these professionals have proven themselves in the field and have met all of this association’s very high standards. Thus, there are so many reasons why the term ‘registered Master Builder’ holds so much weight in New Zealand:

Rigorous Standards. Master Builders undergo a stringent vetting process before they are accepted into the RMBA. This includes an assessment of their artistry, experience and client satisfaction. This rigorous selection ensures that only the most competent builders can carry the Master Builder title.

Comprehensive Warranties. One of the significant advantages of hiring a Master Builder in NZ is the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive warranties. They offer a 10-year Master Build Guarantee on residential construction projects, covering loss of deposit, non-completion, defects in materials and structural issues. This guarantee provides homeowners with a financial safety net, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and professionally.

Building a new structure is a significant financial investment, so ensuring you’re protected with a comprehensive warranty is a must. While warranties do cost money, the Master Build Guarantee is typically less than 1% the total build cost, and it can seriously come in handy.

Industry Expertise And Innovation. NZ Master Builders have been hard at work for over a century, and the association knows just how important innovation and change are. Master Builders are at the forefront of the construction industry in New Zealand. They are known for adopting the latest building techniques, technologies and sustainable practices. Their continuous professional development ensures they remain updated on industry trends and regulatory changes, which translates into superior project outcomes.

So, your new home won’t just look nice; it’ll also use appropriate materials and build practices for modern times.

Professionalism And Integrity. Master Builders are committed to upholding the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. They adhere to a set code of conduct that ensures transparency, honesty and accountability in all their dealings.

Comprehensive Support. From the initial consultation to project completion, NZ Master Builders provide comprehensive support. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs, offer advice and ensure that every aspect of the building project is meticulously planned and executed.

Beyond The Title: Additional Considerations

Although the title of Master Builder is a clear sign that the builder you’re looking at is reputable and accomplished, this doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you should care about. Choosing a Master Builder is a fantastic starting point, but you should also take care to check other qualities of the specific builder you’re considering:

  • Expertise And Experience. Look at your particular builder’s experience in handling projects similar to yours. If your project has any factors that you’re particularly concerned about, always speak to your builder beforehand to ask about their experience with similar structures or to discuss how they would handle those aspects.
  • Portfolio. One step you should absolutely always take before hiring a builder is to look at their past projects. Look at the quality of their work, the versatility in their designs and anything else that compels you.
  • Communication Capabilities. Effective communication should always be a priority, especially when you’re having a new structure built. You deserve to work with NZ Master Builders who respect your vision, so you need builders who are excellent at communicating and collaborating with their clients. Talk to your builder about how they’ll stay in touch throughout the entire project and how involved you’ll be.

Bringing Your Vision To Life With The Skills Of NZ Master Builders

Along with being registered Master Builders, we at Totalbuild Ltd are proud to bring so much more to the projects we work on. We’re dedicated to quality, collaboration, efficiency and following a set process to ensure the project stays on track and ends in success.

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